Daniel Negreanu MasterClass Review 2020 - Complete Walkthrough

Recently the Daniel Negreanu MasterClass was launched. And like many of you I was excited to see what would be inside this new advanced poker training course.

Daniel Negreanu's accomplishments in poker kind of speak for themselves. He has $40 million dollars in live poker tournament winnings and he is arguably the most famous poker player on the planet.

So the great thing about this poker educational program is that you know you are learning from the very best. In this article I am going to give you my complete Daniel Negreanu MasterClass review.

Daniel Negreanu MasterClass Review - Think Like the Pros

The purpose of Daniel Negreanu's MasterClass is simple. He wants to teach you to think about the game of poker like top professionals do.

Poker is a game of wits, intelligence and out-thinking your opponents. And when you learn how to understand and think about the game like a world class pro does, then it becomes much easier to consistently produce top results.

The Daniel Negreanu MasterClass is comprised of 38 video lessons.

However, more videos and poker training material are being added all the time. In fact the entire contents of the course was rolled out just recently.

The wide array of topics that Daniel teaches you in this poker course is pretty impressive:

You Will Learn:
  • How to create the perfect bet size to confuse your opponents
  • How to read their poker hand
  • Poker math and game theory
  • How to figure out when somebody is bluffing you and how to bluff them
  • When to check-raise, 3-bet, overbet the pot and so on

Daniel Negreanu MasterClass Review
There are dozens more topics covered to teach you the essentials of winning poker at the highest levels. There is an in depth video lesson along with course book material for each section.

By the way, I also created a video review for the Daniel Negreanu MasterClass on my YouTube channel as well.

So if you would like an even deeper look into exactly what is inside this poker course, make sure to watch my review video below.

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Daniel Negreanu MasterClass Review - Tournaments and Cash Games

Another thing that I found refreshing about Daniel Negreanu's MasterClass is that he doesn't just focus on one poker format.

Even though Daniel is primarily known for his success in poker tournaments, like many pros he also spends plenty of time in the side games as well.

Many people do not realize that the cash games are often where you can find some of the juiciest action and the biggest poker games on earth.

So Daniel teaches you everything you need to know to beat poker tournaments such as:
  • Early stage tournament strategy
  • Middle stage tournament strategy
  • Bubble theory
  • Final table strategy

And then he goes on to show you about how to beat the side games.

This section of the poker course really is some of the best stuff in my opinion and cuts to the heart of what Daniel is best known for, the art of putting somebody correctly on a hand.

He teaches you how to spots tells, how to mask your own tells, how to read hands and how to use table talk to your advantage.

These are all crucial skills that you need to know especially if you play live poker.

Daniel Negreanu MasterClass Review - Off the Felt

As a professional poker player myself another section of this poker course that I found particularly interesting was Daniel's discussion of his off the felt training.

Many people think that in order to be a successful poker player you just show up, play a few hands and make a boatload of money.

What they don't realize is that for world class pros like Daniel what he does at the poker table is just the tip of the iceberg.

So what you will also learn in this MasterClass is how to select the best poker games to play in and how to manage your bankroll correctly.

And digging even deeper Daniel teaches you how he uses meditation and a balanced lifestyle away the poker tables to help give him that edge every time he sits down to play.

Whether you are a poker pro like me or just a serious part time poker player, this is a vital part of the game that is often neglected by so many people.

Lastly, Daniel discusses some of his toughest times as a poker pro, how he got through them and the best poker advice he ever received.

Again, this is the kind of stuff that many poker beginners or novices in particular really need to hear. And it is so rarely covered in other poker training programs.

Office Hours, On Demand Videos and Course Workbook

Another aspect of this poker course which may prove beneficial to many people is the "office hours" portion of this MasterClass.

Basically what this means is that you can upload a video of your poker hand or your poker questions and Daniel Negreanu himself or some other members of the class will give you feedback and guidance.

Even if you only get a reply from KidPoker himself once in a blue moon this kind of direct access is pretty rare for a poker course of this size and quality.

Another nice feature of the is that the content is available on demand anytime anywhere.

This means that you can take it with you on the go on your iPad, smart phone, tablet or any other mobile device.

And if you are an iOS user in particular, there is actually a MasterClass app that you can download which makes accessing the course content even easier.

Lastly, there is also a downloadable class workbook and lesson plan to go along with this course so that you can study the material in your free time and progress through the course at your own pace.

This is a good thing because I would definitely recommend against watching all 38 videos and going through the entire course workbook all at once.

It is a much better idea in my opinion to study each section of the Daniel Negreanu MasterClass bit by bit, fully understand the information that he is teaching you, and then apply it in your poker games right away.

If you want to get the absolute most out of this poker course it would be best to study it over a period of weeks or months in order to truly understand and apply all of high level concepts that Daniel is teaching you.

Final Thoughts

The Daniel Negreanu MasterClass is an exciting new poker course from one of the most successful poker players in history.

It covers a wide array of topics from bet sizing, bluffing, spotting tells, hand reading and poker math for both tournaments and cash games.

This is taught through dozens and dozens of videos and a huge 122 page coursebook to guide you through all of the content.

There is also an extensive community to help give you support as your make your way through the material and there are even office hours where you can ask your questions to "KidPoker" himself!

Now with all that said, will this poker course suddenly turn you into a world class high stakes poker player over night? Probably not.

That takes years of experience at the poker tables and a real dedication to consistently improving your understanding of the game on a very deep level.

Also, if you are looking for some hardcore poker math, HUD data analysis or cutting edge GTO poker theory, then this probably isn't the poker course for you either.

However, for somebody who takes poker seriously, and is truly willing to put in the effort to study and implement what Daniel is teaching here, I think there is little doubt that it will help improve their game and ultimately their results at the poker tables.

Because at the end of the day results are all that really matter in this game. And Daniel has more of that than nearly any poker player in history!

Daniel's MasterClass is best for serious poker players who play online, live, cash games, tournaments, sit and gos, 6max, full ring or zoom.

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Daniel Negreanu MasterClass Review


  1. Hi Nathan, your review of the Masterclass sounds good but will it help much for micro stakes cash games do you think?

    1. Hey superwomble,

      Thanks, glad this review helped!

      Daniel's approach is mostly geared towards live poker since he is primarily a live poker player himself. However, I think this course will still be valuable for low stakes online players. There is online poker content in the course as well. There won't be any heavy use of HUD stats or complex math though as that isn't his style.

    2. 传奇sf合击Thanks for teh reply Nathan!

  2. Thanks for the review. I was looki g at this last week. I prefer to play live over online. I need this training.

    1. No prob Jerry glad it helped!

  3. 传奇sf合击I've always liked Daniel. For a time I thought he was getting a little full of himself as 'Kid Poker" and a cutup at the tables. Seems he turned himself back to being a serious poker player about five years ago and the results speak for themselves. Probably what I like best about him is that, while he knows all the basic math, he is not a math guy. Neither am I. The other thing I like about him in the tournaments is that you never see bad attitude, temper tantrums or anything like that. He shows us that champions can and should win and lose with class.

    1. I agree, I think it is important to set a good example at the poker tables and especially create a welcoming environment for recreational players (our customers). I think Daniel does an excellent job of that.

  4. WQULD BUY IT if you taught the class

    1. Haha thanks for the vote of confidence Al!

  5. Many thanks Nathan. This, as usual, is a very good review.
    Dito Al tx.

    传奇sf合击I will enroll when I get back from my holiday in December.

    1. Thanks Graham glad it helped!

  6. Hello,
    I am thinking about purchasing a course. I was wondering if I can download all the videos and supporting documents, say to my IPAD, and then watch it on my own time, or do I always need to connected with WIFI, logins, etc and have limited time to go over the material?
    Thank you,

    1. Hey Alex,

      There is a MasterClass app for iOS that you can get on your iPad or iPhone and I believe you can download most or all of the class materials to it.

  7. Just subscribed from your link.
    Watched for a few lessons and Daniel really explains things well.
    Thanks for your review.
    Been reading your articles and keep up the good work.


    1. 传奇sf合击Thanks Alex and I am glad Daniel's course is helping you!

  8. Hi Nathan.
    Quick question is this course of Daniel's £85 in total with no hidden other charges only £85 seems very cheap for what you are getting? I have tried to establish myself from the course sign up page but it isn't clear as these things so often are not. If I decide to go for it I will obviously use your affiliate link. Mike :-)

    1. Hey Mike,

      Yes it is $90 for the entire Daniel Negreanu MasterClass. There are no hidden fees or charges for anything else after that. Thank you very much if you decide to go through my link :)

  9. No hay en español?

    1. Nope, currently the Daniel Negreanu MasterClass only has English subtitles. Perhaps more languages will be added in the future.

  10. HI
    Is Daniel's Course good also for tournaments or its better for cash game?
    I know there are some subjects about tournaments in this course but it seems that the course is mostly about Cash game. Right?

    1. I would say that it is meant for both. I think Daniel does a good job at trying to teach poker strategies for both tournaments and cash games in this course.

  11. Is the course still available for $90. whats the link?